UL 248-15:2000 pdf download – Low-Voltage Fuses -Part 15:Class T Fuses.
1 General
NOTE ThiS Pan Es Intended to be read $oqothes eEth the Stanclanl lor Low- Voftaqe Fuses – Part I: Oene,a Reuvemenla, to as Patti. The numbei*i 01 The Clauses w, true Part conesponds Ia Mke numbered Clauses Part 1. The requirements of Part I w,leSS ,no.lted by thÉS Pan. Fot Clauses not shoien below, refer to the Srandard Ia, Low- Vot?a,e Fuses – Part 1:
General Reqw.rements, NMX-J-CO248it5-2OOO-ANCE • CSA C22.2 No. 248.1. IA 248-I.
1.1 Scope
This Part applies to Class T fuses rated 1200 A or less and 300 V ac, 800 A or less and 600 V ac. DC
ratings are optional.
4 Classification
Class T fuses are non-renewable and current limiting with an interrupting rating of 200,000 A. 300 V ac
Class T fuses are divided into eight body sizes. 600 V ac Class T fuses are divided into seven body sizes.
The maximum current rating In for each size Is specified in this Part. Time-delay ratings are optional.
5 Characteristics
5.2 Voltage rating
For AC, the rating shall be 300 V ac or 600 V ac in accordance with dimensions shown in Figures A and B.
The DC voltage rating may be different from the AC rating.
5.3 Current rating
Refer to Figure A for range of current ratings in each body size for each voltage rating.
5.5 InterruptIng rating
For AC – 200.000 A
For DC, the preferred ratln9s are 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, or 200,000 A