UL 248-8:2000 pdf download – Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 8:Class J Fuses.
If a multiple-user version electronic Standard was purchased, one copy of the Standard may be stored on a single LAN file-server, or on the permanent storage device of a multiple-user computer, or on an Intranet server. The number of concurrent users shall not exceed the number of users authonzed.
Electronic Standards are intended for on-line use, such as for viewing the requirements of a Standard, conducting a word search, and the like. Only one copy of the Standard may be printed from each single-user version of an electronic Standard. Only one copy of the Standard may be printed for each authorized user of a multiple-user version of an electronic Standard. Because of differences in the computersoftware/printer setup used by UL and those of electronic Standards purchasers, the printed copy obtained by a purchaser may not look exactly like the on•line screen view or the printed Standard.
An employee of an organizahon purchasing a UL Standard can make a copy of the page or pages being viewed for their own fair and/or practical internal use.
The requirements in this Standard are now in effect, except for those paragraphs, sections, tables, figures. and’or other elements of the Standard having future effective dates as indicated in the note following the affected item. The prior text for requirements that have been revised and that have a future effective date are located after the Standard, and are preceded by a SUPERSEDED REQUIREMENTS notice,
New product submillats made prior to a specified future effective date will be judged under all of the requirements in this Standard including those requirements with a specified future effective date, unless the applicant specifically requests that the product be judged under the current requirements. However, if the applicant elects this option, it should be noted that compliance with all the requirements in this Standard will be required as a condition of continued Listing. Recognition, and Follow-Up Services after the effective date, and understanding of this should be signified in writing.
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