UL 482:2005 pdf download – Portable Sun/Heat Lamps.
12 Internal Wiring
12.1 Insulated conductors used for the internal winng of a suriheat lamp shall be acceptable for the
temperature and voltage to which they will be subjected in service.
12.2 An enclosure that houses wires shall be smooth and entirely free from sharp edges, burrs, tins, and
the like, that may cause abrasion of the insulation on conductors.
12.3 Insulated wires may be bunched and passed through a single opening in a metal wall within the
enclosure of the sun.heat lamp.
12.4 The screw-shell of a larripholder and the terminal intended to be connected to the grounded circuit conductor, if any, of the attachment plug shall be connected to that conductor of the cord which is identified as the grounded circuit conductor. No single-pole switch shall be connected in that conductor.
12.5 A splice shall be made mechanically secure and shall provide good electrical contact.
12.6 A splice shall be provided with insulation equivalent to that of the wires involved unless permanence of spacing between the splice and other metal parts is provided.
13 InsulatIng Materials
13.1 Insulating washers, bushings. and the like that are integral parts of a sun/heat lamp, and bases or supports for the mounting of live parts shall be of a moisture-resistant material that will not be adversely affected by the temperatures to which they will be subjected under conditions of intended use.
13.2 Insulating material used In a sun/heat lamp Is to be considered with respect to its acceptability for the particular application. Materials such as mica, some molded compounds, and certain refractory materials are usually acceptable for use as the sole support of live parts. Some other materials that are not acceptable for general use, such as magnesium oxide. may be accepted if used In conjunction with other more appropriate insulating materials or if so located and protected against mechanical damage and the absorption of moisture. If an investigation is necessary to determine the acceptability of a material, consideration will be given to its mechanical strength, dielectric strength, insulation resistance, heat-resistant qualities, the degree to which it is enclosed or protected, and any other features that have a bearing on the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons involved in conjunction with the conditions of intended service.
13.3 In the mounting or supporting of small, fragile, insulating parts, screws or other fastenings should not be so tight as to result in cracking or breaking these parts due to expansion and contraction.
13.4 Combustible or electrically conductive heat-insulating material shall not make contact with uninsuLated live parts of the lamp.
14 Lampholders
14.1 A female screw-shell used as a holder for a bulb or heating element shall be of copper or copper alloy and shall be plated with nickel or equivalent oxidation-resistant metal if it operates at a temperature of more than 2OOC (392SF); or the screw-shell shall be of other acceptable material.
14.2 A lampholder for a sun lamp shall be of a type other than the conventional right hand thread of the Edison medium base size.
15 Switches and Interlocks
15.1 A switch provided as a part of a sunTheat lamp shall be of a type intended for the particular application, and shall have a current and voltage rating not less than that of the load which it controls. A switch that controls a tungsten-filament lamp shall be accepable (Cs such use.
15.2 A switch provided as part of a sun/heat lamp that uses a transformer shall have a voltage rating not less than that of the primary of the transformer. Unless accepted as being appropriate for that purpose, the switch shall have a current rating not less than twice the current input to the transformer, when loaded to the maximum intended value.
15.3 An interlock used to de-energize the product during removal of a screen or lens necessary for relamping shall be such that it cannot be readily defeated without:
a) Damaging the product; or
b) Making wiring connections or alterations.
15.4 The actuator of a switch employed as an interlock shall be located or guarded so as to reduce the risk of injury to persons resulting from unintentional operation of the switch. The actuator shall be guarded by recessing, ribs, barriers, or the like.
16 Timers
16.1 A sun lamp shall be provided with a timer as part of the lamp to function so as to automatically de-energize the lamp at the termination of the time setting on the timer. The timer may be either built-in (integral with the construction of the appliance) or in series with the supply cord.
16.2 If the timer is in series with the supply cord, and is separable from the lamp, the interconnection shall be of a nonstandard oonfi9uration to preclude by-passing of the timer.