UL 867:2000 pdf download – Electrostatic Air Cleaners.
14.3 High.vollag. circuits
143.1 Internal secondary wiring shall be general-use high-voltage wire or wiring material rated for the application. The voltage rating of the wire shall not be less than the maximum peak voltage measured between the wire and any other part.
14.3.2 A hole in a metal partition through which an ungrounded lead or ungrounded terminal passes shall have smooth, well-rounded edges or shall be provided with a bushing. If the bushing deforms the wire insulation, the bushing shall be subjected to the High-Voltage Insulating Arcing Test, Section 47.
14.3.3 A bushing of glazed porcelain, steatite. or that which has been determined to be the equivalent may be used for secondary leads and terminals.
14.3.4 A bushing of phenolic composition may be used it the voltage involved Is less than 1000 volts.
14.3.5 Bushings other than those specified in 14.3.3 and 14.3.4 may be used based on results of the High-Voltage Insulating Materials Arcing Test, Section 47.
15 Capacitors
15.1 The materials and construction of a capacitor and its enclosure shall reduce the risic of emission of flame from the endosure of the product in the event ol malfunction of the capacitor.
15.2 The materials and construchon 01 a capacitor or its enclosure within a product shall reduce the risk of developing pressures in the capacitor capable of causing injury to persons in the event of malfunction of the capacitor or the circuit in which it is connected.
16 Coil Windings
16.1 Windings of a motor, relay. transformer, and the like shall resist the absorption of moisture.
162 With regard to the requirement in 1 & 1, film •coated (magnet) wire is not required to be additionally treated to resist absorption of moisture, but fiber slot liners, cloth coil wrap. and similar moisture-absorptive materials shall be impregnated or otherwise treated to resist moisture absorphon.
17 Prlnted.Wlrlng Boards
17.1 A pnnted-wiring board shall comply with the Standard for Printed-Winng Boards, UL 796, and shall be classed V-0. V-I, or V.2 in accordance with the requirements in the Standard for Tests for Flammabihty of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances, UL 94.
17.2 A resistor, a capacitor, an inductor, or other part that is mounted on a printed-wiring board to fomi
a printed-circuit assembly shall be secured so that it cannot be displaced by a force likely to be exe1ed
on it during assembly, intended operation, or servicing.
17.3 With regard to 17.2, a barrier or a partition that is part of the air cleaner assembly may be used to provide mechanical protection.
18 Fuses and Fuseholders
18.1 A fuse and a fuseholder shall have voltage and current ratings that are for use in the circut in which they are connected. A I useholder shall be suitable for use with a cartridge fuse.
Exception: A plug fuse may be used in a circuit rated 125 volts or 125i250 volts, 3iwe, or less. 19 Motors and Motor Overcurrent Protection
19.1 A motor shall be evaluated for the application and shall be capable of driving the maximum normal load of the poduct without introducing a risk of tire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
19.2 A brush-holder assembly shall be constructed so that when the blush is no lOnger capable of performing its function, the brush, spring, and other parts of the assembly are retained to the degree necessary not to Cause:
a) Accessible dead metal parts to become energized and
b) Live parts to become accessible.
19.3 Each motor shall be provided with at least one of the following:
a) Thermal protection complying with the applicable requirements In the Standard for Overheating Protection for Motors, UL 2111.