AS 4176.7:2010 – Multilayer pipes for pressure applications Part 7: Multilayer piping systems for hotand cold water plumbing applications—Assessment of conformity (IsOTS 21003-7:2008, MOD).
initial type testing
type testing camed out by or on behalf of a certificabon body for cerufication purposes
batch release test
test performed by or on behalf of the manufacturer on a batch of components. wINch has to be satisfactorily completed before the batch can be released
process verification test pvI
test performed by or on behalf of the manufacturer on mateflals, components, joints or assemblies at spect’c intervals to confirm that the process continues to be capable of producing components which conform to the requirements given In the relevant standard
NOTE Such tests are not required to release batches of components and are corned out as a measure of process control.
audit test
test performed byor on behalf of a certdication body to confirm that the material, component, joint or assembly continues to conform to the requrements given in the relevant standard and to provide information to assess the effectiveness of the quality system
indirect test
test performed by or on behalf of the manufacturer, different from the test specdted for that particular charactefistic. having previously verified its correlation with the test specified
witness testing
testing accepted by a certification body for initial type testing and/or audit testing. whicn is carried out by or on behalf of the manufacturer end supervised by a representative of the certification body qualified in testing
material or compound batch
clearly identifiable quantity of a particular material or compotrid
production batch
clearly Identifiable collection of units, manufactured consectAlvety or continuously under the same conditions, using material or compound conform rig to the same specification
clearly identifiable sub-division of a batch for inspection purposes
one or more units of product drawn from a batch or lot, selected at random without regard to their quality Preliminary type testing (PH)
The manufacturer shall demonstrate that the products conform to all requirements for the characteristics given
in Table 5 to Table 8, as applicable. Initial type testing (ITT)
If third-party certification is involved, the certification body shall assess the conformity of a product to all requirements for the characteristics given in Table 5 to Table 8, as applicable.
The assessment shall be performed by validation or testing, using the sampling procedure given in Table 5 to Table 8, as applicable, and grouping in accordance with 4.2.1, in an approved testing laboratory or by witness testing.
Preliminary test data, including long-term characteristics, supplied by the manufacturer and traceable to material and process and validated by the certification body, shall be taken into account for initial type testing.
4.2.3 Batch release tests (BRTs)
Those characteristics specified in ISO 21003-2:2008 and ISO 21003-3:2008 and listed in Table 9 shall be batch release tested with the minimum sampling frequency given in the table. Alternatively, the manufacturer may use the sampling procedures detailed in either ISO 2859-1 with an inspection level of S-2 or ISO 3951-1 with an inspection level of S-3, as appropriate. In any case, an AQL of not greater than 6,5 % shall be used.
The manufacturer shall specify a batch or lot in his quality plan.
A batch or lot shall only be released for supply when all the relevant tests and inspections have been carried out at least once at the specified frequencies and the requirements have been met.
If a product fails in respect of any characteristic given in Table 9, the batch or lot shall be rejected or the retest procedure shall be performed for the characteristic on which the product failed.
The retest procedure shall conform to Table 9 and shall be either procedure A or procedure B, as follows:
Procedure A:
Find the last product which conforms to the requirements as specified in ISO 21003-2:2008 or ISO 2 1003-3:2008, as applicable. Release all products produced before that point and reject the products produced after that point.
Procedure B:
Use a sampling procedure in accordance with ISO 2859-1 or ISO 3951-1, as applicable, based on a maximum AQL of 4 % and a minimum inspection level of S-3.