AS ISO 10987.3:2021 – Earth-moving machinery -Sustainability Part 3: Used machines.
4 Used machine evaluation requirements
4.1 General
The requirements in this clause are provided to allow the owner, seller or their representative to evaluate used machines relative to the information provided by the manufacturer in the machine operator’s manual to verify that the used machine Is functioning as Intended by the manufacturer.
An Inspection form for used machines in four sections (see example in Annex A) may be used to provide Information on the machine under inspection.
a) The upper section of the first page provides specific identification of the used machine.
b) The middle section of the first page provides a checklist to document the results of a used machine inspection. A check in the box by each inspection item indicates that the used machine is functioning properly as Intended by the manufacturer as stated in the operators manual,
c) The lower section oF the first page has information about the inspection person.
d) The section on the second page provides a detailed inspection list based on this document’s requirements.
4.2 General requirements
The owner, seller or their representative shall evaluate the used machine and verify the following.
a) The labels and symbols For the machine are In accordance with the operator’s manual and are readable. The labels include the lubrication diagram, if the manufacturer supplied one on the machine when new.
b) Control devices function as specified in the control information in the machine operators manual.
c) The machine is able to start correctly.
d) Equipment and attachments are in acceptable condition and function as specified In the operator’s manual.
e) All hydraulic cylinders and rotary mechanisms operate correctly when the engine Is running at Idle.
f) The moving parts function as intended without abnormal noise.
g) The powertrain system functions and changes speeds smoothly without abnormal smoke or abnormal noise.
h) The engine functions without leakage from the lubrication, cooling, intake, exhaust and fuel delivery systems. Slight leakage is acceptable.
I) Tanks do not have leakage or substantial permanent deformation.
j) Drivetrain system delivers power and shifts gears smoothly without abnormal noise.
k) Hydraulic systems (such as hydraulic pumps, multiple.function valves, hydraulic motors. etc.) run without leakage or abnormal noise. Hydraulic hoses and tubes are fastened correctly without damage. Hydraulic cylinders do not have leakage, damage or bending.
I) Steering system works correctly without jerking or excessive deadband.
m) Fluid level Indicators for fuel and hydraulic tanks, If provided, function correctly. Pressure devices in the tanks, such as vent or safety valve, function properly.
n) All instrument panel Functions (for example, hour meters, lights and signal devices) function as intended.
4.4 Safety requirements
The owner, seller or their representative shall evaluate the used machine safety-related items and verify that the following requirements have been met.
a) Safety signs on the used machine are in place as specified in the operator’s manual and are legible.
b) For used machines equipped with an operators cab, the doors and windows function smoothly. The lock of the door works and is reliable. The cab does not leak. Glazing material on the windows is made of safety glass or other material that provides similar safety performance with the appropriate labelling on the glass (for example, see ECE R43 and ANSI Z26.1).
c The main structural parts (for example, equipment, undercarriage and rotary platform) are in acceptable condition. Identify any cracks or obvious deformation in the used machine inspection report.
d) Walkways, stairs, handrails and handholds are in place and in acceptable condition. When the window panel is used as an emergency exit, it has an appropriate marking (for example, see IEC 61310-1:1995, Figure 8).
e) Used machines with rubber tyres have tyre and rim load performance adapted to the machine’s purpose and application. The rims are in acceptable condition. Rims have clear Identification (for example, see ISO 4250-3).
1) When used machines are equipped with TOPS, ROPS or FOPS, the label Is located on the structure and the structure is in acceptable condition. No signs of permanent deformation, cracks or corrosion that reduce the material cross section of structural members shall be present.
g) Used machines fitted with ROPS or TOPS have an operator restraint system that meets the operator’s manual specifications. Seat belt fabric shall be in acceptable conditions and shall not have cuts or signs of excessive wear.
h) Used machines with provision for a seated operator are fitted with an adjustable seat that supports the operator in a position that allows the operator to control the machine under the Intended operating conditions.
I) Used machine brakes comply wnh the brake test in the uperatol’s manual, if specified. Brakes and brake components are in acceptable condition.