AS ISO 7546:2021 – Earth-moving machinery – Loader and front loading excavator buckets —Volumetric ratings.
1.1 AS ISO 7546 specifies a procedure for approximating the volume of typical materialscontained in the bucket of front end loaders and excavators with front loading bucket. The volume ratingsare based on the inside dimensions of the bucket and representative volumes on top of the bucket.
1.2 The method employs the technique of dividing the complex shape of the material in the bucket intosimple geometric forms to allow volume calculations of different bucket configurations.
1.3 The rating method is intended to provide a consistent means of comparing bucket capacities. lt isnot intended to define actual capacities that might be observed in any specific application.
2 References
ISO 7131,Earth-moving machinery —Loaders — Terminology.JISO 7135, Earth-moving machinery – Excavators —Terminology.
4 Definitions and symbols
4.1 bucket component
Sec figurci and ISO 7131 and 7135.
strike plane
Horizontal plane across the width of the bucket from the cutting edge to the back sheet, (See dause for different bucket shapes.)
struck volume
Volume which lies beneath the strike plane.
top volume
Volume of material. a 2:1 slope, which lies on top o(the strike plane.
rated bucket volume
Rated bucket capacity.
This capacity Is calculated by adding the struck and top volumes: VR = Vs + VT.
5 Volumetric ratings
5.1 Basic bucket
The back sheet does not extend beyond a transverse line connecting the rear corners otthe side sheets
and the cutting edge does not extend beyond a transverse line connecting the front corners of the side sheets.
5.1.1 The strike plane passes through a line along the top of the back sheet at the rear and a line along the top of the cutting edge at the front as shown in figure 3.
5.1.2 The volumetric capacity is calculated as shown in figure 3.