AS NZS 60079.5:2015 – Explosive atmospheres Part 5: Equipment protection by powdered filling ‘q’. Containers intended to be opened for repair
Electrical equipment, parts of electrical equipment, or Ex components that are designed to be repaired shall incorporate sealing methods that are capable of being renewed without damage to the container when the equipment is repaired, re-filled, and re-sealed. The container shall be marked In accordance with Clause 6, Item b).
4.1.2 Pressure test of container
The electrical equipment, parts of electrical equipment or Ex components protected by powder filling q shall meet the pressure test requirements specified in 5.1.1.
4.1.3 Degree of protection of the container
The container of the electrical equipment, parts of electrical equipment, or Ex components protected by powder filling q. in their normal service condition, I.e with all openings closed as in normal use, shall comply at least with the degree of protection 1P54 as defined in IEC 60529. lIthe degree of protection is 1P55 or higher, and the container is not hermetically sealed, the container shall be provided with a breathing device. The container with the breathing device in place shall comply at lea5t with the degree of protection lP54 according to IEC 60529. The test shall be conducted on an empty container without the powder filling installed. At the end of any water ingress tests, no water shall be visible inside the container,
NOTE 1 As the container may need to be destroyed In order to determine he entrance ci duet or water. two separate test saniotes could be required tot the two mgress tests.
NOTE a When the cont.n Is elio liii extelnet enclosure. th, tests ci enclosures requirements of IEC 60079.0 eppIy.
The ingress protection of containers or parts of electrical equipment protected by powder filling q. intended for use only in clean, dry rooms, may be reduced to degree of protection 1P43. The certificate number of this equipment shalt include the X suffix in accordance with the marking requirements of IEC 60079.0. and the Specific Conditions of Use listed on the certificate shall detail the restrictions of use.
When Ex components protected by powder filling q are intended to be mounted inside another enclosure complying with IEC 60079-0. this outer enclosure shall have a degree of protection of at least lP54. The IP rating of the inner container does not need to be specified provided that the Ex component is mounted In a position where It is unlikely to be contaminated by any small amounts of water that may enter the outer enclosure.
NOTE I The impact and drop tests of .nclosures from IEC 60079.0 do riot generally appir to Es Components Intended to be mounted insIde another encloSure complying with lEG 60079-0. as the en;ernal enclosure provIdes ihe protection 595mM impact and drop.
The maximum gap of a container protected by powder filling q shall be at least 0,1 mm smaller than the specified smallest dimension of the filling material.
NOTE 4 The restriction on the ia. at th, gap is intended to reduce the escape eI rung material.
4.1.4 FIlling procedure
Filling shall be carried out so as not to leave any void within the filling material (for example
by shaking down), The free space within electrical equipment, parts of electrical equipment or
Ex components protected by powder filling q’ shall be effectively filled with filling material
(see also 4.3.2).
4.1.5 ContaIners that are not external enclosures
The container of type of protection q equipment or Ex Component that is installed or
Intended to be Installed Internal to another enclosure Is considered the same as that of an Ex