AS NZS 60335.2.24:2021 – Household and similar electricalappliances- Safety Part 2.24: Particular requirements for refrigerating appliances, ice-cream appliances and ice-makers (IEC 60335-2-24 Ed 8, MOD).
3.6 Definitions relating to parts of an appliance
heating system
heating element with associated components such as timers, switches, thermostats and other controls
heat exchanger in which, alter compression, vaporized refrigerant is liquefied by losing heat to an external cooling medium
heat exchanger in which, after pressure reduction, the liquid refrigerant is vaporized by absorbin9 heat from the medium to be refrigerated
free space
space with a volume exceeding 60 I where a child can be entrapped and which is accessible after opening any door, lid or drawer and removing any detachable Internal part, including shelves, containers or removable drawers which are themselves only accessible after opening any door or lid
In calculating the volume, a space with any single dimension not exceeding 150 mm or any two orthogonal dimensions, each of which do not exceed 200 mm, Is ignored.
Note I to entry Evaluation of the ignored vo4ume can be checked by applying a 150 mm 0.5 mm diameter spheie or a square with 200 a 0.5 mm side without appreciable lorce. The volume can be ignored in the sphere or square cannot fit insade.
Iranscrilical refrIgeration system
refrigeration system where the pressure in the high pressure side is above the pressure where the vapour and liquid states of the refrigerant can coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium
gas cooler
heat exchanger in which, after compression, the refrigerant is cooled down, by transferring heat to an external cooling medium, without changing state
Note 1 to entry. A gas cooler II normally used ill transcritical refrigeration systems
3.7 DefInitions relating to safety components
bursting disc
disc or foil which bursts at a predetermined pressure to reduce a pressure in a refrigeration system
pressure relief device
pressure sensing device, intended to reduce pressure automatically when pressures within the refrigeration system exceed the setting pressure of the device
3.8 Definitions relating to miscellaneous matters
design pressure
gauge pressure that has been assigned 10 the high-pressure side of a transcritical refrigeration system
flammable refrigerant
refrigerant with a flammability classification of A2L, A2 or A3 in accordance with ISO 817
Note to entry Fot retngerwil blend; which hive more than one flanimablity claeoificahon, the most unlavouwable classification is taken for the purposes of this definition.
4 General requirement
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
The use of flammable ref rigerants involves additional hazards which are not associated with appliances using non-flammable ref rigerants.
This standard addresses the hazards due to ignition of leaked flammable refrigerant by potential ignition sources associated with the appliance- The hazard due to ignition of leaked flammable refrigerant by an external potential ignition source associaled with the environment in which the appliance is installed is compensaled by the low probability of ignition.
5 General conditions for the tests
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
5.2 Addition:
At least one additional specially prepared sample is required for the tests 0/22.107.
Unless the motor-compressor conforms to IEC 60335-2.34. at least one additional specially prepared sample is required for the test of 19.1.
At least one additional sample of the fan motor, thermal motor protector combination may be required for the rest of 19.1.
The test 0/22.7 may be performed on separate samples.
Due to the potentially hazardous nature of the tests of 22.107, 22108 and 22.109. special precautions may need to be taken when performing the tests.
5.3 Addition:
Before starting the tests.
– ice-cream appliances are operated empty at rated voltage for 7 h. or for the maximum setting of an incorporated timer, whichever is shorter: