ASME A112.19.19-2006 pdf – Vitreous China Nonwater Urinals.
3.1 Alternate Material Components
When alternate matenals are used as components within a nonwater urinal. the assembly shall conform to applicable material cland.rnis for the plumbing .spplication. They shall satisfy this Standard regarding quality, strength. effectiveness, durabilit> and safety. They shall also be repairable or replaceable within the vitreous china fixture.
3.2 Alternate MateriaLs in Trapways
Where alternat- in. trials are us.ed in a nonwater unnal trapwa the trapway shall comply with the roluirements of the auger test specified in para. 5.5.
3.3 Nonstandard Outlet Configurations — Joint Seal Test
When an outlet configuration requires a connection other than a urinal flange, this connection shall not leak when tested in accordance with para. 5.7 and shall be of a design that allows for field repair or repbcemcnt.
3.4 Load Tests for Wall-Mounted Fixtures
3.4.1 Load Test for UrinaLs. All wall-mounted, non- water urinals shall withstand a load of 50 ltd (0.22 kN) when tested in accordance with para. 5.6.
3.4.2 Off-the-Floor FIxture Supports. Fixture supports, when required. shall comply with ASME A112.6.IM, ASMF Al12.6.2. or ASME A112.l9.12.
35 Tolerances and Dimensions
For tolerance and dimension information. reference ASME A112.19.2. par.1. 3.1.
36 Connection to the Drainage System
36J Nonwater urinals shall have an integral or removable trap with a liquid seal and an outlet assembly for connection to the drainage system. The outlet spud size shall be a minimum of I in. (38 mm) in diameter.
3.7 UrInal Dimensions
Minimum urinal dimensions shall be as specified in Table 2.
4.1 Permanent Markings on Product
Each fixture meeting this Standard shall be pernianently marked as required by this section. Where the fixture is comprised of two or more components. each fixture component that is visible after installation of the fixture shall be permanently marked as rvqLlired by this section. Acceptable means of applying permanent markings shall include fired on, etching, sand blasting, stamping with a permanent (rsonwater soluble) ink, and cast-in markings. Adhesive labels that comply with UL 969 shall aLso be considered permanent. The exposure conditions contained in para. 7.1 of IlL 969 shall appl along with the additional esposure to the detergent test specified in Table 7.4 of IlL 969.
4.1.1 Manufacturers Name. The manufacturer’s name or registered trademark or, In the case of private labeling, the name of the customer for whom the fIxture was manufactured shall be applied so as to be legible. readily identified, and located so as to be visible alter installation.
4.1.2 Model Number. The model number ol the nonwater urinal shall be applied so as to be legible.
4.1.3 Date of Manufacture. The date of manufacture (casting date) shall be applied so as to be legible.
4.2 Marldng Requirements for Product Packaging
All paLagoig for trcuus china ii.itvr uranals shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name or registered trademark or, in the case of private labeling, the name of the customer for whom the fixture was manufactured and the model number of the fixture.
4.3 InstallatIon Instructions
[he manufacturer shall provide installation instructions with the nonwater urinals. Installation instructions shall include care and maintenance information.
4.4 Repair Parts
The manufacturer shall supply inmorniation to enable the end user to specify and obtain repair parts for normal maintenance.
5.1 Absorption (BolUng Test
For absorption (boiling) test criteria, reference ASME Al12.19.2, para. 7.1.
5.6 Load Tests for Wall-Mounted Fixtures
All wall-mounted fixtures to be tested shall be firmly affixed to a solid test stand in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The supporting devices shall remain exposed for the duration of this testing for examination. If the manufacturer provides a
support device with the fixture, that device shall be employed for this test.