ASME A112.20.2-2004 pdf – Qualification of Installers of Firestop Systems and Devices for Piping Systems.
It is of the utmost importance to improve the performance and installation of firestop systems and their components by examining and qualifying contractors involved in the installation o4 such systems and components.
While firestop contractors may specialize in one or more areas, e.g., firestop point systems, floor perimeter/ slab edge/exterior wall cavity systems and through- penetration systems, there should be only a single approved category: firestop contractor. Therefore, the qualified firestop contractor should be knowledgeable in and meet the test requirements for all areas of firestopping and firestopping systems.
Al.3 Prior Requirements
ia,j Ver&hcation that th contractor has been in the firestop installation business for at least two (2) years and is licensed by the state or local authority where applicable
(I’) Verification that the contractor possesses a current qualification as an installer per the requirements of
ASME A1I2.20.2.
(c,l Verification that the contractor has in his employ at least one qualified installer who meets the requirenwnts of ASME A112.20.2,
(d) Verification that the contractor keeps a documented and archived record keeping system for all installations.
(e) Verification that the contractor hasa demonstrated quality control program.
A2.l QualIty Assurance Program
It is vital that the qualified firestop contractor has a quality assurance program that specifies controls for at least the following areas:
1a corporate guidelines for quality assurance
(1) appropriate measures for designing the system or assembly and transferring the design requirements to installation personnel
Ic) appmprLate measures to ensure proper installation (d) appropriate measures to ensure proper bbeling or marking (if required)
(e) appropriate measures for inspecting completed assemblies
A2.2 Program Documentation
Contractors should have written policies and procedures in pbce as part of their quality assurance program. including a record keeping program for each type of system or assembly installed,
2.3 Record Keeping
The contractor should assure adequate traceability of components and application and should maintain a record ol all Iircstopping installations for a minimum of seven (7) years (mm the date of installation.
An initial audit should he conducted by the third- party certifier on the contractor’s home office and a ob site.
An additional 16 hr of training beyond the requirements of ASME Al 1220.2 is recommended on the following topics:
(a) FCIA Manual of Practice
(b) Factory Mutual Research Approval requirements
(C) specifications, estimating, and bidding
(d) fire-resistance-rated system selection
(e) equivalent hre-rated assembly selection
(f) nonconformances
(g) field constructed mockups
(h) single source responsibility
(i) delivery, storage, and handling
(j) project conditions
(k) sequencing and scheduling
(l) environmental regulations
(m) close-out documents
4.1 Installation Requirements
[he qualified firestop systems installer shall be able to identify and describe the proper installation requirements for the firestop systems pertaining to
Ia) firestop manufacturer installation instructions
(I’) local Iurisdictional requirements
(ci systeni listing conditions.
(d) site environment conditions
WI proper matenal handling and use
(I) installer-perlormed field testing
(g) piping Installation requirements
4.2 Improper Installations
The qualified firestop systems installer shall be able to identify and describe potential hazards resulting from the improper installations of firestop systems (refer to para. 9).
5.1 Field Inspection and Test Procedures
The qualified firestop systems installer shall be able to describe the field inspection and test procedures assodated with the following:
(a) firestop system type
(b) insulation type, thickness, and compression
(c) type and size of penetration opening
(d) orientation of penetrating item
(e) annular space determination
(f) approved drawings and specifications
(g) firestop system and assembly rating
5.2 Precautions and Hazards
The qualified firestop systems installer shall he able to describe the precautions and hazards during installation and field tests relating to
(a) con lined spaces safety
(b) site notilication protocol
(c) electricity and safety
(d) tool usage.