ASME B107.410-2008 pdf – Struck Tools .
5.2 Materials
The materials used in the manufacture of extractors shall be such as to produce tools conforming to this Standard.
5.3 Mechanical Properties
Hardness of the cutting edges shall be 45 HRC to 60 HRC or equivalent. Hardness of the struck face of the extractor shall not exceed 43 HRC or equivalent.
Many tests required herein are inherently hazardous; adequate safeguards for personnel and property shall be employed in conducting such tests.
Separate (new) samples shall be used in each of these tests. Failure to pass any one of the tests indicates the extractors are not in compliance with this Standand.
6.1 Hardness Determination Test
Hardness determination with respect to cutting edges and struck faces shall be made on a fixtured tool or on a suitable mounted or unmounted specimen that has been cut from the tool using the wet abrasive method or equivalent. Any hardness test will be acceptable that
utilizes equipment and methods equivalent to Rockwell hardness determinations as specified in ASTM E 18.
6.2 Impact Test
For this test, the extractor shall be mounted vertically ina hole in a steel plate. The hole diameter shall be equal to the drill size recommended by the extractor manufacturer, and the depth shall be sufficient to prevent bottoming out, The steel plate shall be at least 1 in.
thick and shall be of medium carbon alloy steel heat treated to 35 HRC to 40 HRC A steel weight, having a striking face hardness of 45 HRC to 60 HRC and having weight as specified in Table 1, shall be dropped 20 times from the height indicated in Table 1 squarely onto the extractor struck face. The diameter of the striking face of the weight shall not be less than 0375 in. larger than the struck face of the extractor. Typically, the weight is cylindrical and is dropped through a seamless tube slightly larger than the diameter of the weight.
The extractor shall not chip, spall, crack, or bend when subjected to this test. Normal deformation of the struck face and cutting edges is permitted.