The Authorized Nuclear inspector Supervisor shall perform the following duties.
1-2.2.1 Maintain a record of Certificate Holders’ shop and field sites where Inspectors assigned to him hy his AlIthnri7ed Inspection Agency for supervision are performing Code inspection activities. the date of his visits to such locations when related to his assigned supervisory duties.
1-2.2.2 Maintain a record of those Authorized Nudear inspduis dsslglled Lu hiiji dud ci description of their assignments.
1—2.2.3 Assist in maintaining the competency of the Authorized Nuclear inspector through periodic arrangement of panel discussions of work-related topics; written communications of unique problems and their solution; informal question and answer discussion sessions, and other means he deems suitable. The Supervisor shall maintain documentation of such activities.
1-2.2.4 The Supervisor shall be responsible for the technical performance of the Authorized Nuclear li-ispector(s) assigned Lu hini. I Ic Slid1! iepurt iii writing to his management significant nonconforming activities that are reported to him or that he has observed on the part of the Inspector, following full investigation of such activities.
1-2.2.5 Either establish, or have available to him, a system to record and limit his radiation Pposiire and that of the Inspectors assigned to him. This system shall b UJIdeI the regulation of his employer, who shall maintain an acceptable system of control.
1-2.2.6 Audit the performance of each Authorized
Each Authorized Nuclear Inspector actively engaged in Section III, Division I or Division 3, or both, Code inspection shall be audited at least twice a year at the shop or site to which he is assigned. When an Inspector is assigned to more than one shop or site at which Code activities are being performed, or have been perioiiiied siiice the previous audit, the Authorized Nuclear Inspector shall be audited at leasL uiice a year at each location. At the time of this audit, the Supervisor shall he accompanied by the Authorized Nuclear Inspec tor The audit shall include, but not be limited to, a check that the duties listed under 1-3.2 are being performed, and a check of the following:
(a.) one item tinder construction or installation phase to assure implementation of the Quality Assurance Program;
(b) travelers or process sheetsh accompanying items in the construction or installation phase to assure that these accurately represent and prnperly attect tn the work, examinations, tests, and inspections performed. Particular attention should be given to provision for hold puilits diLd sigit-uff.
(c) the tificak Holder’s Quality Assurance Manual to assure that changes, if any, in the Quality AsuiProgram have been accepted and have been
properly incorporated in the Manual;
(d) a review of nonconformances to assure that appropri ate technical review hac heen provided and that corrective measures are adequate and timely;
(e) the Certificate Holders record keeping procedure to assure traceability of any phase of work or nondeLi uUive dILIi1tdiiuLl results ciS required by the AS?viE Code;
(f) the Authorized Nuclear inspector’s records or diary of inspection phases performed on identified items, with dates of the inspection activities noted.
1-2.2.7 The audit required in 1-22.6 shall he recorded in writing and shall contain a written comment regarding the status of each item audited.
Engineering and procurement could he examples of the types of activities performed at such a location. If ito activities have been performed at these locations during the pet iod fwm the last audit, then only one audit per year is required.
1-2.2.9 The Supervisor shall assure that portions of the N lype Certificate 1-lolder’s Quality Assurance Program that involve supply or manufacture and supply of materials are audited at least once each year.