ASME QAI-1-2005 pdf – Qualifications for Authorized Inspection.
1-3.1.2 Demonstrated ability to perform shop and feld inspections to the satisfaction of the Authorized Inspection Agency employing the Inspector.
1-3.1.3 Experience, knowledge, and background consistent with the complexity of the assignment.
1-3.1.4 Knowledge of applicable Sections of the ASME Code and Code Cases.
1-3.1.5 Knowledge of Quality Assurance Manuals and shop and field procedures.
1-3.1.6 Knowledge and ability to evaluate and monitor shop and feld procedures.
1-3.1.7 Knowledge of the requirements for maintenance and retention of in-transit and permanent records.
1-3.1.8 A passing grade on an examination in the methods of welding and nondestructive examinations for Authorized Nuclear Inspectors, given by the National Board, covering knowledge of, and familiarity with, the ASME Code. The examination shall be graded by the National Board and results provided to the Authorized Inspection Agencies concerned.
1-3.2 Duties
The Inspector’s duties are covered in the ASME Code and include, but are not limited to 1-3.2.1 through 1-3.2.18.
1-3.2.1 He shall verify that the manufacturer or installer has the required Certifiate of Authorization to construct the items contracted for. It is necessary to check the Certificate to make certain that it has not expired and to determine the scope of construction permitted
under the terms of the Certificate.
NOTE: The fact that the manufacturer or installer has the required Code Symbol Stamp is not sufficient evidence to assum that he hus a valid Certificate of Authorization.
1-3.2.2 He shall monitor the Quality Assurance Program and verify conformity.
1-3.2.3 He shall verify that the Certificate Holder has the necessary Code books, Addenda, and Code Cases for the work he inspects.
1-3.2.7 He shall verify that the Certificate Holder’s personnel are examining all cut edges, as required by the ASME Code.
1-3.2.8 He shall verify that welding procedures conform to the ASME Code Sections田and IX.
1-3.2.9 He shall verify that welders and welding operators are properly qualified and that their qualification permits them to use the required procedures.
1-3.2.10 During construction, he shall verify that the welding controls permit only the use of qualified welding procedures and qualified welders and operators.
1-3.2.11 If welded repairs are found to be necessary during construction, he shall verify that only properly qualified procedures, welders, and operators ane used.
1-3.2.12 He shall verify that required heat treatments have been performed and are properly documented.
1-3.2.13 He shall venify tha required nondestructive examinations and tests have been performed by qualified personnel and that the resuls are properly documented and meet Code requirements, Nondestructive examination procedures and acceptance standards shall be in accordance with the ASME Code.
1-3.2.14 He shall perform the required inspections prior to closure for testing, He shall also witness hydrostatic or pneumatic tests.
1-3.2.15 He shall verify that the responsible representative of the Certificate Holder has signed the Data Report and verified it as correct before he signs it.
1-3.2.16 Prior to stamping, he shall verify to the best of his knowledge and belef that the item is in compliance with the ASME Code. He shall also verify that the nameplate stamping is correct and that the nameplate has been properly attached.
1-3.2.17 He shall also inspect, where applicable, items that are reported on Data Reports and those that are constructed using methods other than welding.