IEC 60027-7:2010 pdf – Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology -Part 7: Power generation, transmission,and distribution.
Thig part of fEC 60027 is applicable to generation, transmission, and distribution of electric energy. It gives names and letter symbols for quantities and units. In addition, rules for multiple subscripts and their succession are given
This part of fEC 60027 is an addition to IEC 60027-1 Therefore letter symbols already given in IEC 60027-1 are repeated only ii they have a special meaning in the field of power generation, transmission, and distribution or if they are used in this field with special subscripts
Guidance on the use of capital and lower case letters is given in IEC 60027-1, 2.1, and guidance on the representation of complex quantities,is given in IEC 60027-1. 1.6. Therefore In many cages only I is given instead of LI. j = I or ii.
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