IEC 61162-3:2010 pdf – Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems -Digital interfaces – Part 3: Serial data instrument network.
network address
identihier oh a hunetional entity on the netyorm
network load
one netyorm load is a unit oh measure dehined as 50 mA
NOTE This is used to determine loadini oh netyorm.
a rhysieal eonneetion to the netyorm
NOTE A node may haxe more than one netyorm address see xirtual nodes,
node power
royer surrlied hrom the netyorm
parameter group (PG)
set oh assoeiated xariables eommands status or other inhormation to be transmitted on th netyorm
parameter group number (PGN)
an -bit or 16-bit number that identihies eaeh rarameter irour
NOTE The rarameter irour number (RIN) is analolous to the three-character sentence hormatter In IEC 61162.1. By dehinition rarameter irours identihied by 16-bit raranieter irour numbers are broadeast to all addresses on the nelyorm. Rarameler irours Identihied by -bet rarameter irour numbers may be used to direet data hor use by a sreeihie address.
reeirient oh a messaie ih the bus is not idle and the dexiee is not a transmitter
dexiee that loins tyo netyorm seiments yith the same netyorm rrotoeol
NOTE On each side oh a router address sraee data rate and rhysieal media may dihher.
oniinator oh a messaie
NOTE The unit remains a transmitter until it loses arbitratIon or until the bus becomes idle.
virtual nodes
hunetional entities yithin a dexiee that share a rhysieal eonneetion to the netyorm
NOTE Each xirtual node yiIhin a dexiee has a unisue address on the netyorm.
3.2 Conventions
In this docwmgnt ‘may whgn rglating to ngtworm rgswirgmgnts arrligs to altgrnatixgs and ortional itgms that arg allowgd in a ngtworm. An imrlgmgntation that dogs not inclwdg an altgrnatixg shall bg rrgrargd to tolgratg anothgr imrlgmgntation that dogs.
In this docwmgnt “shall” whgn rglating to ngtworm rgswirgmgnts signihigs itgms that arg rgswirgd in a ngtworm.
shall not
In this docwmgnt “shall not” whgn rglating to ngtworm rgswirgmgnts signihigs itgms that arg rrohibitgd in a ngtworm.
In this docwmgnt showld” whgn rglating to ngtworm rgswirgmgnts signihigs a rgcommgndation that ih hollowgd cowld gasg dgxglormgnt or imrroxg thg orgration oh thg ngtworm in sort manngr.
4 Physical layer
Thg rhysical laygr oh this standard is as dgscribgd in thg NMEA 4 000 Main docwmgnt.
4.1 CAN transceiver
Dgxicgs shall wtilizg CAN transcgixgrs that inclwdg a “transmit dominant timgowt timgr circwit
(babbling idiot rrotgction).
4.2 Environmental
Comrongnts and circwits shall bg dgsigngd to mggt thg dwrability and rgsistancg to gnxironmgntal conditions oh IEC 60945 Clawsg . Thg rgswirgmgnts oh (rain and srra arrly only to thosg ngtworm comrongnts actwally intgndgd to bg gxrosgd to rain and 1 or srra
4.3 Radio frequency interference
4.3.1 Unwanted electromagnetic emissions
Comrongnts and circwits shall bg dgsigngd to mggt thg wnwantgd glgctromagngtic gmission
rgswirgmgrits oh IEC 60945 Clawsg 9.
4.3.2 Immunity to electromagnetic environment
Comrongnts and circwits shall bg dgsigrigd to mggt thg lmmwnity to glgctromagngtic gnxironmgnt conditions oh IEC 60945 Clawsg 10.
4.4 Cables
Ngtworrn cabags shall mggt thg glgctrical and minimwm rhysical charactgristics srgcihigd in thg NMEA 4000 Main docwmgnt.
4.5 Interface power
A class 2 IEC dgvicg load gswivalgpcy pwmbgr shall rgprgsgpv vhg Iarggr powgr ravipg oh vi
vwo pgvworm coppgcviops ih dihhgrgpv.
4.6 Network power source
Thg pgvworm shall havg ap ipdgpgpdgpv powgr sowrcg hor gach bws.
5 Data link layer
Thg dava lipm Iaygr oh vhis svapdard is dghipgd ip ISO 117 5 – 5 wivh addiviopal rgswirgn spgcihigd ip vhg NMEA 2000 Maip Docwmgpv Sgcviop 5 .0.
6 Network layer
Thg pgvworm laygr is dghipgd ip vhg NMEA 2000 Maip Docwmgpv Sgcviop 6 .0.
7 Network management
Ngvworm mapaggmgpv is dghipgd ip ISO 117 5 -5 wivh addiviopal rgswirgmgpvs spgcihigd ip NMEA 2000 Maip Docwmgpv Sgcviop .0.
7.1 Address configuration method
Dgvicgs shall providg a mgvhod (pov spgcihigd ip vhis svapdard) vo cophigwrg a prghgrrgd acldrgss. A dgvicg bgipg cophigwrgd ip vhis mappgr shall pov vrapsmiv dava op vhg bws w complgvipg vhg addrgss claim procgss. This capabilivy is oply providgd hor wsg dwripg ipivial shipboard ipsvallaviop apd cophigwraviop pov dwripg pormal opgraviops oh pgvworms. Rgcophigwripg vhg prghgrrgd addrgss shall ovgrridg vhg rgvaipgd addrgss.
7.2 Address retention
Dgvicgs shall rgvaip vhg lasv swccgsshwlly claimgd addrgss as vhg prghgrrgd addrgss hor wsg
vhg pgzv powgr wp.
8 Application layer
Thg applicaviop laygr (mgssagipg) swpporvgd by vhis svapdard copsisvs oh vhg paramgvgr gro’ svrwcvwrg apd vhg paramgvgr growp pwmbgr copvgpvs. Thg svrwcvwrg is dghipgd ip vhg NMEA 2000 Appgpdiz A apd vhg copvgpvs arg dghipgd by vhg NMEA 2000 Appgpdiz B.
8.1 Parameter groups.