IEC 61784-5-4:2010 pdf – lndustrial communication networks – Profiles – Part 5-4: Installation of fieldbuses – Installation profiles for CPF 4.
The annex clauses and subclauses of this standard supplement modify, or replace the respective clauses and subclauses in IEC 61918.
Where there is no corresponding subclause of IEC 61918 in the normative annexes in this standard, the subclause of lEG 61918 applies without modification.
The annex heading letter represents the installation profile assigned In Clause 4. The annex
(sub)clause numbering following the annex letter shall represent the corresponding
(sub)clause numbering of IEC 61918.
EXAMPLE ‘Annex B.4.4’ w EC 61784-5-4 means that CP 4)3 apecèlies the Subclauae 4.4 ot lEO 81918.
All main clauses of IEC 61918 are cited and apply In full unless otherwise stated in each normative installation profile annex.
It all subclauses of a (sub)clause are omitted, then the corresponding lEG 61918 (sub)clause applies.
If in a (sub)clause it is written ‘Not applicable’, then the corresponding lEG 61918 (sub)clause does not apply.
If in a (sub)clause it is written ‘AdditiOn’, then the corresponding lEG 61918 (sub)clause applies with the additions written in the profile.
If In a (sub)clause It is written ‘Replacement’, then the text provided In the profile replaces the text of the corresponding IEC 61918 (sub)clause.
NOTE A replacement can also oompnse addetiona.
If in a (sub)clause it is written “Moditic.ation’, then the corresponding IEC 61918 (sub)clause applies with the modifications written In the profile.
If all (sub)clauses of a (sub)clause are omitted but In this (sub)clause it is written
‘(Sub)clause x has addition:’ (or ‘ieplacement:) or ‘(Sub)clause is not applicable,’, then
(sub)clause x becomes valid as declared and all the other corresponding
IEC 61918 (sub)clauses appty.
6 Conformance to Installation profiles
Each installation profile within this standard includes part of lEG 61918:2010, It may also include defined additional specifications.
A statement of compliance to an installation profile of this standard shall be stated2 as either Compliance to IEC 617845-4:2O103 for CP 41mname> or
Compliance to lEG 61784’5’4 (Ed.1.0) for CP 41m -name>
where the name within the angle brackets < > is optional and the angle brackets are not to be
included. The m within CP 4)m shall be replaced by the profile number 1 or 3.
NOTE The name may be the name 04 the potile. br example ‘P.NET w,lt1 phslcal layer according to RS 485’ or ‘P-NET on IP’
If the name is a trade name then the permission of the trade name holder shall be required.
A. Intrinsic safety Not applicable.
A. Safety of optical fibre communication systems Not applicable
A.4.2.2 Security
A.4.2.3 Environmental considerations and EMC
A.4.2.4 Specific requirements for generic cabling in accordance with iSO1EC 24702
A.4.3 Network capabilities
A.4.3.1 Network topology
A. Common description
A. Basic physical topologies for passive networks
The star topology shall not be used for CP 4/1 passive networks. A ring topology shall be used for CP 411 passive networks.
A. Basic physical topologies for active networks
The star topology shall not be used for CP 4/1 active networks.
A. Combination of basic topologies
A4.3.1.5 Specific requirements for CPs
With bus topology: both ends of the network segment shall be terminated.
A. Specific requirements for generic cabling in accordance with
lSOIEC 24702
A4.3.2 Network characteristics
A. General
A. Network characteristics for balanced cabling not based on Ethernet
Replacement Table A.1 provides values based on the template given in IEC 61918:2010, Table 1.