IEC 60368-3:2010 pdf – Piezoelectric filters of assessed quality – Part 3: Standard outlines and lead connections.
This part of IEC 60368 specifies the outline drawing for piezoelectric filters with lead enclosures.
2 Guidance for the standardization of outline drawings for frequency control and selection devices
In order 10 achieve a uniform presentalion of all outline drawings for frequency conlrol and selection devices the following guide shall be considered:
2.1 An outline drawing shall show all dimensional and geometrical characteristics of an enclosure necessary to ensure mechanical interchangeability with all other endosures of the same outline. Enlarged detailed view may be used, if necessary.
2.2 The outline drawing shall consist of three parts:
2.2.1 A drawing with dimensional symbols (capital letter) as shown in Figure 1 below with applicable notes. if necessary,
2.2.2 A labular listing relaling 10 the drawing symbols to the actual mensions. Where possible this shall be shown on the same page as the drawing.
2.2.3 An actual’size sketch (scale 1:1).
2.3 The outline drawing shall be executed in the third angle projection.
2.4 The function and ldentiflc,alion of the lead connections (termination) shall be determined by agreement between the supplier and user- They shall not be defined on the outline drawing.
2.5 Descriptive notes may be used at the bottom of! or adjacent to. the drawing with proper reference to the body of the drawing.
2.6 All dimensions shall be in millimeters.
2.7 Outline dimensions A, B. C, 0 and E shall be listed with maximum values only.
2.8 Lead (termination) cross-sectional dimensions shall be listed with minimum and maximum values If applicable, nominal dimensions may be added.
2.9 The spacing of the leads (termination) — symbol H— shall be listed with minimum, nominal and maximum dimensions.
2.10 Leads (terminations) for soldering application shall be specified with the minimum length dimensions (symbol L) only.
Lead (termination) for plug-in application shall be specified with minimum and maximum length dimensions.