ISO 11124-4:2018 pdf download – Preparation of steel substrates beforeapplication of paints and related products -Specifications for metallicblast-cleaning abrasives — Part 4: Low-carbon cast-steel shot.
This document specifies requirements for 12 grades of law-carbon cast-steel shot abrasive, as supplied for blast-cleaning processes. Values are specified for hardness, density, defect/structural requirements and chemical composition.
The requirements specified in this document apply to abrasives supplied in the new condition only. They do not apply to abrasives either during or after use.
Test methods br metallic blast-cleaning abrasives are given in the various parts of ISO 11125.
Low-carbon cast-steel shot abrasives are used In both static and site blasting equipment. They are most often selected where a facility exists for recovery and re-use of the abrasive.
NOTE 1 InformatIon on commonly rrrc’renccd national standards for metallic abrasives and their approximate relationship with ISO 11124 is given in AnnexA.
NOTE 2 Although this document has been developed specifically to meet requirements for preparation of steclwork. the properties specified will generally be appropriate for use when preparing other material surfaces. or components, using blast-cleaning techniques. These techniques are described in ISO 5O42.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 439, Steel and Iron — Determination of total silicon content — Gravlmetric method ISo 629, Steel and cast iron — Determination of manganese content — Spectrophotometric method
ISO 4935,SteeI and iron — Determination of sulfurcontent — lnfraredabsorption method after combustion in an induction furnace
ISO 9556, Steel and iron — Determination of total carbon content — Infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace
ISO 10714, Steel and iron — Determination of phosphorus content — Phosphovanadomolybdate spectra photometric method
ISO 11125-I, Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products — Test met hods for metallic blast-cleaning abrasives — Part 1: Sampling
foreign matter
material or particles mixed with the abrasive which are not attached to the abrasive particles and which are nonmagnetic
4 Designation of abrasives
Low-carbon cast-steel shot abrasives shall be identified by “Abrasive ISO 11124” and the abbreviation “M/LCS indicating metallic, low-carbon cast-steel abrasive. The symbol “S. shall follow to indicate the required particle shape of the shot as purchased. The designation shall be completed by a 3-digit number denoting the grade, or nominal particle size, required.
Abrasive ISO 11124 M/LCS/S100
denotes an abrasive of the metallic, low-carbon cast-steel type, complying with the requirements of this document, of particle shape shot and grade 100 (i.e. nominal particle size 1,00 mm), This full product designation shall be quoted on all orders.
NOTE I Grade requirements and codes are specified in Table 1. The grade code is based on a number indicating the approximate middle of the particle size range, or nominal diameter, for each grade, expressed in millimetres” 100.
NOTE 2 Annex A provides guidance on approximately equivalent grades and codings in other commonly referenced national standards for low-carbon cast-steel shot.
5 Sampling
Sampling procedures shall beas specified in ISO 11125-1.
6 Requirements for low-carbon cast-steel shot abrasives
The requirements for low-carbon cast-steel shot abrasives shall be as specified in Table 2.
7 Package identification and lot traceability
All supplies shall be clearly marked and identified using the designation specified in Clause 4. The unit of sale, i.e. commercial packaging unit, shall be clearly labelled with the full product coding. Sub-units, I.e. bags, shall be marked with the particle shape and grade codes.
NOTE Inclusion of additional marking to allow product traceability to a particular production period or lot is strongly recommended. Traceability references should be Included at least .lt the pallet, drum or box level of package marking.
B Information to be provided by the manufacturer or supplier
The manufacturer or supplier shall provide, if requested, a test report detailing results for any relevant property as determined by the appropriate method specified in Table 2.