ISO 11126-1:2018 pdf download – Preparation of steel substrates beforeapplication of paints and related products -Specifications for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives —Part 1: General introduction and classification.
This document describes a classification of non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives for the preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products.
It specifies the characteristics which are required for the complete designation of such abrasives.
This document applies to abrasives supplied in the “new or unused condition only. It does not apply to abrasives either during or alter use.
NOTE Although this document has been developed specifically to meet requirements for preparation of steclwork, the properties specIfied will generally be appropriate for use when preparing other material surfaces, or components, using blast-cleaning techniques. These techniques are described in ISO 8504-2.
2 NormatIve references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the Following terms and definitions apply.
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blast-cleaning abrasive
solid material intended to be used for abrasive blast-cleaning (12)
abrasive blast-cleaning
impingement of a high-kinetic-energy stream of blast-cleaning abrasive (3.1) on to the surface to be prepared
particles that are predominantly round, that have a length of less than twice the maximum particle width and that do not have edges, broken faces or other sharp surface defects
4.3 PartIcle size range
Non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives consist of mixtures of differently sized particles. These shall be
classified into size ranges.
5 Designation of abrasives
Non-metallic abrasives shall be identified by using the full product designation which consists of the term “Abrasive” followed by “ISO 11126” and the abbreviation specified in labliL . This shall be followed, without spaces, by an oblique stroke and then by the symbol specified in Table 2 to indicate the required particle shape of the abrasive as purchased. The designation shall be completed by numbers denoting the particle size range. In millimetres, required.
Abrasive ISO 11126 N/CS/G 0,2-0,5
denotes an abrasive of the non-metallic coal furnace slag type, complying with the requirements of the appropriate par-tot ISO 11126, of initial particle shape grit and particle size range 0,2 mm to 0,5 mm.
This full product designation shall be quoted on all orders.
6 Identification and marking
All supplies shall be clearly marked or identified, using the appropriate designation as specified in Clausc 5. either directly or by the accompanying delivery note.