ISO 6707-4:2021 pdf download – Buildings and civil engineering works -Vocabulary – Part 4: Facility management terms.
3.4 Terms relating to systems and parts
building management system
computer-based system that controls a buildings mechanical and electrical equipment such as heating. cooling, ventilating, lighting (3,4,4), power, disaster prevention, and security systems
ISOURCE: ISO 18566.1:2017, 3.6, modifIed — The abbreviated term “HMS” has been removed. In the definition, “installed in buildings” has been removed.I
technical building system
system comprising equipment for heating, cooling, ventilation (3.4.8), humidification, dehumidification, domestic hot water. lighting (3AA), Indoor transportation, drainage, building automation and control. electricity production and distribution, fire detection and suppression
Note ito entry: Eleclrlcity production can Include cogeneratlon, wind power and photovoltaic (PV) systems
ISOURCE: ISO 16745-1:2017. 3.19, modified — In the definition, “system comprising” has been added before “equipment”; “indoor transportation, drainage” has been added after “lighting”; and distribution, fire detection and suppression” has been added after “production”. Notes I and 2 to entry have been deleted and Note 3 to entry has been renumbered.I
technical building sub•system
part of a technical building system (342) that performs a specific function
Note ito entry: Heat generation, heat distribution and heat emission are examples o[sp’ecific functions,
ISOURCE: ISO 52000•1:2017, 3.3.12, modified — Examples of specific functions have been transferred to Note ito entry.I
process of providing illumination to achieve practical or aesthetic effect
ISOURCE: ISO 52000-1:2017, 3.4.23, modified — In the definition, “to achieve practical or aesthetic effect” has been added after “illumination”.J
ambient light
illumination within an area produced by scattered light or general li,qhtin,q (14A) conditions either by natural or artificial illumination or a combination of both
ISOURCE: ISO 4246:1994. 15, modified — In the definition, “either by natural or artificial illumination or a combination of both” has been added after “conditions”.J
condition of visIon in which there is discomfort or a reduction in the ability to see details or objects. caused by an unsuitable distribution or range of luminance or by extreme contrasts
ISOURCE: ISO 16505:2019, 3.8J
task lighting
lighting (3,4,4) that provides illumination for specific visual functions and is directed to a specific surface, area or activity need
[SOURCE: ISO 16818:2008, 3.222, modified — In the definition, “or activity need” has been added after “area”.]
movement of air and its replacement with fresh air due to the effect of wind, temperature gradients, or mechanical means
ISOURCE: ISO 16924:2016, 3.72. modified — Examples for mechanical means have been removed]
space heating
process of heat supply to a building space with the aim of reaching and maintaining a given minimum space temperature for human comfort or other operational needs
ISOURCE: ISO 52000-1:2017, 3,4.31. modified — In the definition, “for human comfort or other operational needs” has been added after “temperature”.]
HVAC room unit
unit providing heating. ventilation (3.4.8) and air conditioning for a room
physical protection
protection of personnel, equipment and supplies, software, networks and data from physical action and events that can cause serious loss or dumage (3.8.3) to an organisation
Note I to entry: Physical protection Includes protection from fire, flood, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism. civic unrest and terrorism.
electrical cabinet
enclosure for electrical and electronic equipment to mount switches, knobs and displays, to prevent electrical shock to equipment users (31.3) and protect the contents from the environment
3.5 Terms relating to processes
earliest stage in the consideration of a project when the need for construction works and the suitability of sites are assessed and technical, economic and other feasibilities are calculated
asset information model
informcit,on model (3.1.8) relating to the operational phase
[SOURCE: ISO 19650-1:2018,3.3.9].