ISO 7171:1988 pdf download – Furniture – Storage units – Determination of stability.
3 Test equipment and conditions
3.1Vortical foree applioation device,which oan apply overtical force,either at a given value or a gradually increasingvalue. The device shall not hinder rmoverment of the articlebeing tested. lf a given value is wanted, thc device may consistof a mass,e.g. a steel plate.
3.2Horizontal force application device, for examplespring gauge. which can apply a gradually increasing horizontalforce to a shelf.
3.3Stops,to prevent the article from sliding but not over-turning, no higher than 12 mm except in cases where thedesign of the item necessitates the use of higher stops,inwhich case the lowest that will prevent the item fron slidingshall be used.
3.4 Floor surface,horizontal,flat.
3.5 Tolerances.unless otherwise stated, are as follows:
Forces 5 %
Masses 0.5%
Dimensions ± 0,5 mm
3.6Preliminary preparation shall be to tighten anyassembly fittings before testing.
4Stability of unloaded unit
Position the storage unit on the floor with stops against thefront legs or plinth.
Open all doors to 90 and extend all drawers and exlensiornleaves to two-thirds of their sliding length. Open flaps to theirhorizontal position or as near horizontal as possible.
With all componcnts as abovc,rcgister any tilting tendencies.
5Stability with loads on movable parts
(vertical force) (see figures 1,2 and 3)
Position the storage units on the floor with stops against thefront legs or plinth.
Shelves, etc. shall be unloaded.
One part after another shall be opened/extended as in clause 4,tested as follows and then closed. Parts not undergoing testshal be closed. In the case of double doors, first one door shallbe opcncd to 90o and tested,and then, with the first door stillin the open position,the second door shall be opened to 90oand tested.
Apply a vertical force on the part undergoing test and increasethe force until at least one of the opposite logs or part of theplinth just lifts away from the floor.”
Apply the force with its centre positioned
-on doors: 50 mm from the outer edge isee figure 1);-on drawcrs: over the centre of the front of the drawerlsee figure 2);
– on flaps,leaves and shelves: over the centre and50 mm from outer edge lsee figure 3).
Record the force,in newtons,to the nearest whole number.