ISO 7172:1988 pdf download – Furniture – Tables – Determination of stability.
The device shall not hinder movement of the articlebeing tested. Iif a given value is wanted, the device may consistof a mass,e-g. a steel plate.The force shall have an accuiacy of±5%
3.2Horizontal force application device,forexamplespring gauge, which can apply a gradually increasing horizontalforce to a top.The force shall have an accuracy of t5 %.
3.3 Stops,to prevent the article from sliding but not over-turning,no higher than 12 mm except in cases vhere thedesign of the item necessitates the use of higher stops,inwhich case the lowest that will prevent the item from slidingshall be used.
3.4 Floor surface,horizontal,flat.
4General test requirements
For tables with extension leaves,etc., carry out the tast at thalleast stablle edge position, which may be at the centre of theextension leafedge. If more than one arrangemerst of thmeextension leaf is possible, the least stalble one ehall be choscn.For tatles with non-rectangular lops,tablles with pedestal-typesupports,cte., follow thesame proccdure inprinciple.Howsever,the least stabile edge position for the vertical forceand horizontall force shall be found by trial and error.
Test tables having extra leaves both with and without theseextra leaves, and in all different positions.
5 Stability with vertical force
Position the table on the floor with stops against the legs alongone iong side of the table.
Tighten any asscmbly fittings.
pply a vertical force at the centre of the tabletop along thelong side that is placed against the stops and with its centre ofgravity 50 mm from the outer edge of the tabletop (soe thafigure).
llncrease the force up to any specified value or until at least oneof the legs on the opposite side of the table lifts from the floor.Record the forse, in nevtons,to the nearest whole rumber.
Repeat this test with the stops againsn the legs along one shortside of the table and with the vertical force at the centre of thisshort side.
6 Stability with vertical and horizontal forces
Apply a vertical force along the long side as in clause 5.Apply ahorizontal force outveard from the centre of the long side, using(for example) a strip inserted between the tabletop and the ver-ticall force application device 4see the figurel.
lncrease the horizontal force until at least one of the legs on theopposite side of the table just lifts away from the floor. Recordthe force, in nawtons, to the nearest whole number.
Reneat this test with the stops against the lags along one shortside of the tablle and with the vertical force and horizontal forceat the centre of this short side.
7 Test report
The test report shall include at least the following information :ala reterence to this lnternational Standard;
the piece of furniture testnd (relevant data);
cstability with vertical force, in newtons, from clause 5;stability with vertical and horizontall forces, in newtons,frorm clause 6;
estability with extension leaves, etc.. if any. in differentpositions;
details of arny deviations frorn this leaternational Stan-dard;
the name and address of the test facility;hthe date of test.