ISO 8758:1992 pdf download – Cinematography – Photographic control anddata records on 16 mm and 35 mm motion-picture film and prints – Dimensions and location.
ISO 8758 specifies the locationand dimensions of pholographic control and datarecords on 16 mm motion-picture originals. inter-mediates and prints.35 mm motion-picture cameranegatives and 35 mm motion-picture release also specifies the width scanned by the controldaa reproducer, and the reproducer spectral sensi-tivity.
ln the case of release prints,this International Stan-dard is restricted to those containing variable areasound records in accordance with SO 2939andiSO 7343.
2Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which.through reference in this texct.constitute provisionsof this lnternational Standard. At the time of publi-cation,the editions indicated were valid. Ail ‘stan-dards are subject to rewision.and parties toagreements based on this international Standardare encouraged to investigate the possibility of ap-plying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Members of IEC and ISomaintainregisters of currently valid international Standards.IsO 2939:1986,Cinematography – Picture imagearea and phofographic sound record on 35 mimrnotion-picfure release prints – Position and cirnen-sions.
ISo 7343:1983.Cinematography – Two-frack photo-graphic sound records on 35mn motion-pictureprints – Positions and width dimensions.
3Location and dimensions
The dimensions and laleral location of the controland data records shall be as shown in figures 1 to 3 and given in tables 1 to 3.
4 Reproducer spectral sensitivity
The peak or maximum response of the combinationof the control and data’track reproducer,, lightsource,filter and receptor shall be at 550 +13nm.The integrated response of this combination to allwavelengths greater than 800 nm shall be less than5 %of the total integrated response measured from400 nm to 8O0 nm.