ISO 9136-2:1999 pdf download – Abrasive grains – Determination of bulk density一 Part 2: Microgrits.
This part of ISO 9136 specilies a test method for the determination of the bulk density of bonded and coated
abrasive microgrits.
2 Term and definition
For the purposes of this part of ISO 9136, the fllowvi term and definition apply.
bulk density PB this, of a pourable abrasive grain which is poured in a certain way, is the quotient of the mass and the volume, specified in g/cm3
3 Testing equipment
The testing equipment is shown in Figure 1.
2) top diameter: 190 mm;
3) inside diameter of cylindrical outlet: 28 mm;
4) height of cylindrical outlet: 38 mm;
c) stainless steel horizontal vibration channel, with the following dimensions (210 mm x 40 mm X 30 mm)土1 mm
(length x width x depth). The distance from the lower edge of the funnel to the bottom of the vibration channel
d) stand.
3.2 Measuring cylinder
The measuring cylinder has a pllished inner surtace and a volume V of (200土0,5) cm3; this volume is achieved by an
inner diameter of 64 mm and an inner height of 62,2 mm. The measuring cylinder is placed centrally under the stream
coming from the vibration channel.
The height of fall of the microgrit to be tested (from the upper edge of the channel bottom to the bottom of the measuring cylinder) shall be (140土1) mm.
Calibration ol the measuring cylinder can be achieved by the fllowing two methods.
Method A
The dry, empty measuring cylinder is weighed together with a flat glass plate. The measuring cylinder is flled with
water and the glass plate placed on the cylinder in such a way that no air bubble is present. The glass plate is held in this position, the surplus water removed and the total weight determined.
The volume is calculated in the following way.