ISO 9192:1991 pdf download – Lawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors 一 One-point tubular sleeve hitch.
This International Standard epecitlea the requwemanta for me connection at Implements or attachments to the rear of Lawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors by means at a one-point (single pin nnechon) hitch in a,sociatlon with a manual or power lilt system Standard dimensions for hitch point location, hitch tube and Implement yoke are laid down to ensure the connection at sp.df,c implements or attachments
It applies to lawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors as defined below.
2 D.lnlnltions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the lollowing definitions apply
2.1 ild.-on (dang) machine; lawn and garden tractor; turf (rIding) tractor: Sell-propelled machine on which an operator rides, designed primarily (or cutting grass and auidliary garden work The cutting means may be an Integral part of the machine or suspended from or attached to the rn5chinel
2.2 General (see figure 1)
2.2.1 hltch poInt❾:
a) Plvotal point of connection of hich to tractor.
b) Actual point of connection to tractor when implement is attached.
2.2.2 Implement yoke 国: Clevis-shaped part attached to implement, constructed to fit loosely to
hitch tube and secured by hitch pin.
2.2.3 Implement connectlon polnt ①: Connection between the hitch and implement.
2.3 Hitch components (ee ngure 1 and ngure 2)
2.3.1 hltch pin O: Pin that connects implement to the hitch.
2.3.2 hltch tube: Tube portion on the hitch which receives the implement yoke.
2.3.3 hltch ball O: Portion of the hitch assembly containing hitch tube, stabillzer bolts. and holes for connection to tractor frame at hitch point.
2.3.4 stabllzer bolt O: Bolt that is used for adjusting clearance between hitch bail and implement yoke.