UL 1741:2005 pdf download – SOLAR CONVERTER Safety Approval.
2. General Technical requirements for the use on mains:
The “Richthnie der Energieversorger requires either:
A Three phase monitoring and switching off all three phases
B: comply with VDE 0126.
VDE 0126:Dec- 2005 (Draft)
• the product has to be save, even one error will occure. The product might become unsafe, If a second error will occure.
– All phases have to be switched off at least with one switch approved for basis insulation according to 1EC6066.4.
– If the DC input and AC output is not separated by a transformer (basic insulation), then two switches (relays) have to be provided, each one with basis insulation. (contact distance) in order to achieve redundancy. If an insulation transformer (Basic) is used between DC input and AC: then it is sufficient to use the semiconductors as one switch and a relay (basic) as the second one. The contact distance has to be 3.0 mm open (basic insulation 1EC62 103 Table 3).
– In addition a GFDI in the unit or external is required.
– Single phase units have to switch off Neutral and Phase.
Base reouirements to be included in each converter
1. Voltage control (ultility voltage) – each phase has to be monitored.
2. Frequency control (frequency variation test) — one phase monitoring Is sufficient
3. DC current control
The above measurement functions have to be still in action, even if one error (short or open or software error) will occur. (redundant circuit). Alternatively the unit might be switched off in case of one error (failure simulation). The VDEO126 only requires to be save with one error.
Requirements for detection of anti islanding use (implement one of the following methods):
– Impedance measurement
• Anti — islanding balanced load test circuit
– Or three phase voltage detection
All other European countries have identical or similar requirements.
Preferable to use 240 Vac center tap applications to reach compatibility to the European version. Frequency is 60 Hz.
Main Differences of the UL1741 to the European standards:
– spacing
• Ground fault interrupter is mandatory
– Anti islanding balanced load test
NEC requirements for conductors see Appendix A
5. Approval process
1. Testing to the worse case requirement of the relevant standards.
2. Report formats:
Initially the standard and report format of 1EC60950 will be applied. 1EC60950 is international well known and therefore useful as basis standard.
Appendix 1EC62103 (EN50178) will be applied to the 1EC60950 report format.
VDE 0126 and ‘Richtllnie der Erzeuger” will be separated test reports.
Appendixes for different country requirements if required USA ICanada
One UL1741 / CSA 22.2-1 07 report
If required UL1998 report with risk analysis of the software
Appendix to the main report
3. Approval Process:
GS mark and ‘Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung from INNOVA Product Service GmbH
GS —mark is including:
EMC testing (done by manufacturer or other EMC test house)
Manual written property
Packaging and mounting and wiring
GS-mark certificate will contain additional European country Specific requirements For other countries outside Germany dedicated certificates are required (see table above)
USA! Canada
We recommend CSA-NRTLJC approval to UL1741 and UL1996 (see www,osha.cipv side index N and recognized test lab) . We have good experience with approvals via CSA for USA and Canada.