UL 6A:2008 pdf download – Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit Aluminum,RedBrass, and Stainless Steel.
addressed in the known IEC standards. The THSC agreed such future invcstigatan might be facilitated by the completion ofharmoniiatmn of the North American standards for electrical condu and tubing and thei fittings.
Thc intcrpretalion by the standards dcvckpmcnt organization of an identical or equivalent standard is based on the literal text to determine compliance wh the standard m accordance with the procedural rules of the standards desebpment organization. Ilniore than one interpretation of the literal text has been identified, a revision is to be proposed as soon as possible to each of the standards development organizations to more accurately reflect the intent.
ANCE effective date
The elTectise date for ANCE will be announced through the Diano Olicial de Ia FederacitSn (Oflieial Gatette) and r indicated on the cover page.
CSA effective date
The effective datc for CSA International will he announced through CSA Informs or a CSA ccrtihcation notice.
UL effective date.